Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UPDATE: Only some scars are visible

From Dr. Tom: A link to the United States Humane Society site about dog bites. I was disappointed about the post op care that they offer, but I also understand that they're about animals, and not M.D.'s running around offering advice about what happens after your unfortunate self gets a chomp.

If you've got children, you should check this out. They're going to run into dogs frequently.
If you've got dogs, you should check this out. They're going to run into children frequently.

This sort of thing could have saved Aaron's life -- if the dogs' owner had read it, and applied it.

Philosophically speaking, I know that the dog had nothing to do, morally, with my bite -- it was a response based upon a conglomeration of conditioning and genetics. In the original post, I may have given too much weight to genetics. From the afore linked to HSUS site:

The breeds most commonly involved in both bite injuries and
fatalities changes from year to year and from one area of the country to
another, depending on the popularity of the breed. Although genetics do
play some part
in determining whether a dog will bite, other factors
such as whether the animal is spayed or neutered, properly socialized,
supervised, humanely trained, and safely confined play significantly
greater roles
. Responsible dog ownership of all breeds is the
key to dog bite prevention.

(Italics in original, boldface mine.) Appologies to responsible pit-bull owners.

New tag in this post: intellectual honesty. If you want to know when I've been wrong, search for that tag, and if you see a place where I admit being incorrect and don't see the tag, ask that I apply it. Being wrong is part of the process to getting to being correct. And if you see a place where I'm wrong and don't know it yet -- tell me. I gain more in terms of knowledge and possible bad things happening down the road learning that I was wrong than your ego is likely to gain by telling me so. But I'll give you credit for showing me the error in my ways -- we can both win out.

Dogs are not moral agents. Sometimes they poo on the floor. But they aren't "bad" for having done so. They just haven't been conditioned propertly -- the owner's failure. I know this.

And, of course, wanting M.D.'s running around, I checked WebMD. M.D.'s running around online. Wonderful!

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