Sunday, April 6, 2008

A long overdue update

Ah, yes, here we are. I must admit that work has consumed these last several months, and precluded me from making updates here. Well, truth be told, I've failed to make the time. But, anyway, here we are, as I said. Oh, I got a dog: Mama (inside joke of the ironic sort).

Here's a photo of home, Thermopolis. I live down there somewhere.

This is a photo of the Boysen Reservoir about 20 miles south of town on the Wind River. It was much fun driving to the spot to take this photo -- one needed to exercise care in not whacking a hole in your oil pan.

More will be forthcoming, if I don't disappear camping again this next weekend. Maybe I'll get something put together after the next newspaper goes out, Wednesday.

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