Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy whatever

You people know who you are. Happy Christmas, merry new year. For my domestic friends, I hope the economy has spared you this year and will do so again in that which is to come. For overseas readers, I hope you, too, are avoiding tanking economies and other disasters both natural and man-made*.

Nikon D90, crappy kit 18-105VR: ISO 200, f:7.1, 1/60sec, popup flash -2⅓EV. Picture control landscape with max saturation, shade white balance.

(After two requests, a larger-sized copy of the above image is available at:

* Why is it that all people-made disasters seem to be man-made?

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Anonymous said...

Well, Sir Modest...

I've been following you activities for quite some time now, since even before you were born, if memory serves.

When you were about 1 year old, your mom's dog nipped at you and I kicked his ass half way round the house and well into next Sunday...he thought I was killing him and I almost did; but Yukon never nipped you again, nor either of your two [future] siblings, 4 and 8 years down the road.