Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo of the Day: "Glass"

Here's one from the wayback machine:

Actually, it's only from 2004. I just dug up a handful of shots from this roll that I were sure to be lost.

Nikon FE, Tamron 80-200mm f2.8 MF, Kodax Tri-X 400 (the original XXX, not the newer formulation). Assuming my six-year-old shooting notes are right, this was taken at about 100-115mm, f5.6 and 1/30 sec. off a tripod.

I can't remember how I caused the ghost effect here, although I can remember I tried two ways. Assuming my shot-notes are right, and this was taken at 1/30 sec., I used some creative lighting to make the effect -- beaming lights at the window. The glare causes the effect.

This is lab-processed film. I have some B&W stuff I've processed, and some day I'd sure like to get the equipment and chemicals put together for a B&W darkroom, but this went off someplace. Amusingly, even by 2004 most small to midsized cities had shuttered any one-hour B&W processing and just dropped everything in the mail. I was shooting B&W for a newspaper and ended up shooting C41 (color) process B&W just so I could get it processed in an hour. Oh, progress.

And just in case you missed it Tuesday, Nikon has announced the D7000, probably the best digital body they're now offering within a mortal man's budget. Paired with the recently introduced 16-35mm and the brand-spanking-new SuperChub 200 f2, and you'd have quite the rig.

Er, of course, the 16-35 is $1,100 -- the same price as the D7000 -- and the new SuperChub is... gulp... six grand worth of kit.

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