Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo of the Day: "To Boysen"

Nikon D80, 18-70mm, 46mm, f22 (!), 1/250 sec., ISO 500. Program exposure, matrix meter, average white balance. Significant crop, rotation and saturation work in post processing, along with contrast and spot removal from the clouds (a dirty sensor).

This photo doesn't work any larger than this: f22 was way too much stop-down. Since I'm shooting something with movement in it, I can't bracket focus distance, or can I?

If I were to take this shot again, I would use a tripod and take two shots, both at about f11. The first would be focused close, about where the first line in the road is. The second would have been focused just this side of infinity (hyperfocal distance for the techies out there). I would have then merged the two shots right behind where the tractor appears here. I would have used that spot even if the tractor weren't in the shot, because it's about the break-even point from the two focal distances, and because with the clouds behind that point, the merge would be easy.

Another shot blown by getting carried away with aperture. Whoops. I'm still learning today, but I didn't know as much then. The full size photo shows excessive noise reduction (from ISO 500), which I should have turned down, as well as general fuzz from the tiny aperture.

Here's the original:

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