Saturday, October 2, 2010

Photo of the Day: "Cloud in God Light"

Here is another photo from the Highway in the Sky series, of which I may share a few more yet.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-135, 28mm, f8, 1/1000 sec., ISO 200. Landscape scene mode, matrix meter with -1/3EV exposure compensation, manual Kelvin white balance set to 4950K with 5G shift. Raw (.NEF).

In this shot the distortion of the 18-135 is invisible. Also, 28mm is near the most distortion-free setting on the lens.

Post: ND grad filter to darken the top of the sky, crop. Strong contrast curve, heightened clarity, and increased blue, aqua, yellow and orange saturation values. I also shifted the orange and yellow channel hue settings toward one another.

All-in-all, pretty straightforward. As I said, perhaps I'll have another for you tomorrow.

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