Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photo of the Day: "One Road"

Nikon D80, Nikkor 18-200mm, 200mm, f5.6 (wide-open), 1/2000 sec., ISO 1600. Don't ask me what I was on about shooting at 1/2000 sec., when even 1/200 sec. would have been enough to freeze the cars in the image. Resorting to ISO 1600 on the D80 also pretty much spoils the image: there's NR blocking, JPEG artifacting and lumi noise all! Ugh. Sunlight white balance, -1/3EV exposure compensation with the overexposure-prone D80 matrix meter engaged.

Post processing: color and saturation work, as well as a failed attempt to get something useful out of those poor trees. Oh, well.

This, by the way, marks the first Photo of the Day from my Yellowstone National Park series. I don't know if I'll run through all of them all at once like I did with the Highway in the Sky series. We shall see.

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