Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Photo-of-the-Day Review

Well friends, I've been running a photo of the day fairly regularly for about two months now, and I thought a quick review of my work might be instructive. This post is partly for me to think about how things have gone, but it will hopefully also serve as a catalyst so some of you might share your thoughts with me.

There have been some good entries, and some excellent ones, with others not quite hitting the mark. In the beginning, I wrote a Photography Case Study twice a week, more in-depth than the brief comments I offer on Photos of the Day. I made it though five of those, plus a guest contribution from my very talented brother, before giving them up. They seemed -- well, they were -- an awful lot of work for a limited audience. I received some worthwhile comments on several of them, but mostly they didn't seem like they were worth the time. (Hint: if you enjoyed them and learned something from them, and want me to resume writing them, I'd consider it. I am here to serve you, my reader.) Instead of abandoning the concept altogether, though, I have incorporated parts of PCS into POTD when appropriate. If a particular shot was only possible because of creative flash use, I will note that and discuss why.

Now, what I really need is a camera. I've got material enough to keep doing these for some time, but I'm ready to share some fresh material with you. I've moved since most of these shots, and the Cheyenne area offers a whole new plate of opportunities. Indeed, if I hadn't been so busy killing elk last week, I would have had some excellent opportunities at Battle Mountain, near Savery. Maybe next year?

So, I've offered a few thoughts. Now, constant reader, what say you? Feel free to comment here, email, or find me elsewhere.

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Kathie Leung said...

In looking back at the photos you mentioned in this post, I'm struck with a few things: 1) I thought I commented on both the Highway in Sky and Bison in Snow and 2) I missed completely Haunting. Perhaps I used one of those other mediums you suggested for dropping you a note. Or perhaps my crappy Internet connection crapped out. Regardless, I particularly enjoy this blog and the photos. Keep it up! And for the record, I loved both of the aforementioned (oh hell, all three!) photos. Especially Haunting and Bison in Snow. Especially the retouch on the Bison. I can see these photos in my head adorning quaint shops and fashionable eateries but look forward most to seeing them here along with all your informative remarks. Not a full-fledged photographer - yet, but if I can't sell a few novels, I've got this blog bookmarked for tips as I venture into the world of stock photography. :D Let's hope that doesn't happen, I'm a big macabre.