Monday, July 4, 2011

Photo of the Day: Snowy Range Panorama

Nikon D7000, 18-105VR. Eight image stitch. All taken at 1/800 sec., f8, ISO 100 with landscape scene capture and sharpening turned up a notch. Yes, that's an awful lot of snow on the ground, even though this was taken July 2. How much snow? Enough that you could still be doing this:


Kathie said...

Oh, I doubt very much I'd be doing that. Reminds me of the man who asked the doctor if he could play the violin.

Fabulous photos, as always. I especially liked how the edges of the snow pulling back create a frame. I'm envisioning the stitched photo on canvas so that it just spills off and wraps around.

Modest Holdings said...

Just serendipity, this one. I wasn't planning on anything in particular when I started snapping the photos, although I did have the presence of mind to lock exposure, which makes these big stitches easier in Photoshop.

That said, now that it turned out to be, in the words of the late Bob Ross, "a happy mistake," I'm glad it's a stitch, as it should hold up well to large printing.